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Steering Committee:

  • Alessandro Acquisti (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
  • Boris Balacheff (Hewlett Packard, UK)
  • Paul England (Microsoft, USA)
  • Andrew Martin (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Chris Mitchell (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)
  • Sean Smith (Dartmouth College, USA)
  • Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi (TU Darmstadt / Fraunhofer SIT, Germany
  • Claire Vishik (Intel, UK)

General Chairs:

  • Edgar Weippl (Vienna University of Technology and SBA Research, Austria)
  • Stefan Katzenbeisser (TU Darmstadt, Germany)

Program Chairs (Technical Strand)

  • Mike Reiter (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)
  • Xinwen Zhang (Huawei, USA)

Program Committee (Technical Strand)

  • Srdjan Capkun (ETHZ Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Haibo Chen (Fudan University, China)
  • Xuhua Ding (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
  • Jan-Erik Ekberg (Nokia Research Center)
  • Cedric Fournet (Microsoft Research, UK)
  • Michael Franz (UC Irvine, US)
  • Tal Garfinkel (VMWare)
  • Trent Jaeger (Penn State University, US)
  • Xuxian Jiang (NCSU, US)
  • Apu Kapadia (Indiana University, US)
  • Jiangtao Li (Intel Labs)
  • Peter Loscocco (NSA, US)
  • Heiko Mantel (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Jonathan McCune (Carnegie Mellon University, US)
  • Bryan Parno (Microsoft Research, UK)
  • Reiner Sailer (IBM Research, US)
  • Matthias Schunter (IBM Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Jean-Pierre Seifert (DT-Lab, Germany)
  • Elaine Shi (PARC, US)
  • Sean Smith (Dartmouth College, US)
  • Christian Stueble (Sirrix AG, Germany)
  • Edward Suh (Cornell University, US)
  • Neeraj Suri (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Jesse Walker (Intel Labs)
  • Andrew Warfield (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Program Chairs (Socio-economic Strand)

  • L. Jean Camp (Indiana University, USA)
  • Melanie Volkamer (TU Darmstadt and CASED, Germany)

Program Committee (Socio-economic Strand)

  • Alexander De Luca (University of Munich, Germany)
  • Angela Sasse (University College London, UK)
  • Artemios G. Voyiatzis (Industrial Systems Institute/ATHENA R.C, Greece)
  • Eleni Kosta (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
  • Gabriele Lenzini (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • Guenther Pernul (Regensburg University, Germany)
  • Heather Lipford (University of North Caronlina at Charlotte, US)
  • Ian Brown (Universtiy of Oxford, UK)
  • Jeff Yan (Newcastle University, UK)
  • Kristiina Karvonen (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland)
  • Mario Cagalj (University of Split, Croatia)
  • Mikko Siponen (Universtiy of OULU, Finland)
  • Pam Briggs (Northumbria University, UK)
  • Peter Buxmann (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Peter Y A Ryan (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
  • Randi Markussen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Simone Fischer-Huebner (Karlstad University, Sweden)
  • Sonia Chiasson (Carleton University, Canada)
  • Stefano Zanero (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
  • Sven Dietrich (Stevens Institute of Technology, US)
  • Tara Whalen (Carleton University, Canada)
  • Yolanta Beres (HP Labs, US)
  • Yang Wang (Carnegie Mellon University, US)
  • Debin Liu (PayPal)

Publicity Chair

  • Marcel Winandy (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany)


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Submission Deadline Extended!

The paper submission deadline for TRUST 2012 has been extended to 26 February 2012.

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TRUST 2012

The TRUST 2012 website is live. Please stay tuned for details on next year's conference to be held in Vienna, Austria,  13-15 June 2012.